Ayurvedic Products for Post Pregnancy

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Kairali offers various Ayurvedic products for women to regain health post pregnancy and to regain the shape of sagging breasts. These products are all ayurvedic and can be used by women who tend to lose body shape due to age.
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Dhanwantharam Kashayam - 200 ml
Kairkare - 200 ml
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Udanvayu circulation in our body is very important for maintaining the normal color of the skin. Kaircin is a facial oil .It can be applied daily on the face .It has a very glowing effect on the skin. it also helps in reducing the scars and wrinkles. Besides this khaayathailam and karishma oils also helps in improving the complexion of the skin. They work as a natural cleanser, purifier for the oily skin. Kairbal powder is for removing the dead cells and revives the skin giving the skin its glow. Kairpack is for reducing the wrinkles and making the skin youthful and firm.
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