Facilities and Raw Materials

Kairali has three major facilities which can manufacture and service approximately 100 tonnes of various products per month. Our facilities follow international manufacturing guidelines with high standards in raw material procurement, processing, quality and hygiene standards, making it one of the best facilities in India.

 All raw materials are cultivated organically in an environmentally safe manner and are
   of the highest quality.
 No animals are harmed during the cultivation and processing of any ingredients


Kairali has 25 acres in Palakkad, Kerala, where experts are dedicated to cultivating the finest organically grown plants. We have also engaged the skills of artisan farmers to develop effective ingredients which we provide the raw materials and provide buy back guarantee to the farmers, in-turn we are assured the best quality of produce. Ingredients are also sourced from the pristine mountains the Himalayas, in north India. Kairali is planning to develop approximately 150 acres of sourced farming in this manner.