Histadip - 60 Capsules

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The Histadip capsules helps in preventing and relieving nose allergies. Its fast action helps one to deal with nose allergies effectively. This ayurvedic medicine from Kairali is formulated with natural ingredients to provide excellent anti- allergic action. Apart from the mentioned benefits, this natural herbal remedy is non-sedative. It acts as a shield to your body and protects it from harmful agents like dust and bacteria which causes allergies. The Histadip capsules work against allergic for nose.
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With increasing pollution, many of us face the problem of allergies and look for effective ways to deal with it. The natural way to fight against allergy, Histadip, is made from ingredients such as Haridra (Curcuma longa), Neem, Shiris (Aibizia lebbeck) and Aswagandha which provides an effective action against allergies. These ayurvedic ingredients not only provide the best action against skin allergies but are also anti-poisonous, acts well against sinusitis. Anyone suffering from nose allergies or having a running nose should try this herbal remedy. The capsules provides a strong protection to any kind of skin allergies and are non-sedative.
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