Diaspa - 60 Capsules

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Kairali's Ayurvedic formula for Diabetes, Diaspa is prepared with natural ingredients and helps to reduce hyper glycemia and associated symptoms. This herbal remedy to control diabetes works effectively by maintaining the normal blood glucose level and preventing acute manifestation. It also stimulates the pancreas to function normally in order to produce insulin. The Diaspa capsules are an effective natural way to control your diabetes and is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to control Diabetes in the most natural way.

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Many people in today's world suffer from diabetes and want an effective way to bring it under control. Though many medicines are available, the natural remedies are a safer approach with no harmful chemicals in it. Diaspa, from the house of Kairali, is an ayurvedic medicine which is formulated to provide effective control against diabetes. Some of its rich natural ingredients includes Methi which has a rich anti-bacterial property and is considered very good for diabetes abscess and ulcers, Amalaki which has anti-inflammatory property and is used in health tonics, and Saptachakra which helps to regulate the function of liver and pancreas. Apart from these ingredients, other natural ingredients are also used which help a diabetic person to perform regular activities. Diaspa capsules are formulated in such a way to control the diabetes by increasing the pancreas functionality, reducing hyperglycaemia and maintaining normal blood pressure. Maintaining an adequate amount of insulin in the body is one the prime factor or concern for any diabetic person and this herbal medicine does it in an effective way by stimulating the pancreas to function normally in order to produce insulin.

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